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Default Small appliance parts?

dpb wrote:
Looking for recommendations for supplier of parts for old (as in 60-yr
old! ) Hamilton Beach stationary mixer.

So far I've not had a tremendous amount of success in small appliance
parts in general, so thought I ask if anybody here has suggestions
(other than google which I've been doing w/, as noted, some but not
outstanding success). I'm interested in sites/vendors/etc. that anybody
has used w/ success.

I have found replacement beaters, what I'm searching for specifically is
a set of motor brushes for a Model G Hamilton Beach mixer while I'm at
it...eventually, yes, there is a possibility of finding an
appropriate-sized generic brush but want to try the specific replacement
route first.

And, H-B has been contacted so will eventually hear back from them, too,
so this is a generic request prompted by a specific...


I'd just take what's left of one brush and take it to a GOOD hardware
store (not an Orange-Colored Store) if they have drawers of Jandorf
stuff you ought to be able to find a replacement set for under $5.


replace "roosters" with "cox" to reply.