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Default hinges on solid core door?

Part of the solution may be in the hinge sizing and number.

Some doors are 1 3/8 thick, some are 1 3/4.
Some doors are 6-8 tall, some are 7-0.
Fairly normal hinge sizes include 3x3, 3 1/2x3 1/2, 4 1/2x4 1/2.
Good commercial doors have hardwood stiles 1" or more thick, many
residential doors have pine stiles. The core of either can be
particle board which can do little to hold screws, so longer is
not helpful. The mortises should carry most of the load of the

A 3-0/7-0 x 1 3/4 solid core door requires 3 each 4 1/2x4 1/2 butt

I suspect the original screw holes were not predrilled and had the
hinge screws forced into pine stiles which split the wood. If the
original holes can be glued/filled/stabilized enough to hold
screws, great. Other solutions involve changing the door, half
mortise hinges, and continuous hinges.

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"Elias D" wrote in message
I've got a heavy solid-core door with hinge problems. The
screws have loosened up and stripped out. Several of these were
replaced by what appears to be 3 inch decking screws. Now it
that even these decking screws have loosened up and lost

What's the best way to restore solid hinge attachment to the
frame? These doors are very heavy......