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Default Confirming simple wiring task

On 4/8/2008 3:59 PM Mamba spake thus:

Redid a small wiring chore at a cabin last weekend, and have been thinking
about the way I did it, wondering if a real electrician would have done it
differently (besides in 1/10 the time).

Have a 14/2 running to a double box in a wall. Installed two single pole
switches in the box as follows. Not sure if Line and Load are the correct
terms when talking switches, but you get my drift:

Black off hot line in was ponytailed to two jumpers, one each to Line on
switches. Load off switches to black on 14/2 leading to two ceiling lights.
Neutral off hot line in was tied to neutrals in the 14/2's leading to the
Ground off hot line in tied to grounds in the 14/2's leading to the lights.

Is there an alternate way to treat the neutrals in this case?

I second the emotion of the post above this one. You done good.

By the way, your subject line is a complete misnomer: there ain't no
such thing as a "simple wiring task".

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