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Default Ball Park Estimate

You got it all wrong. If a guy would come out and say "This is not
right, you should have this", then give me a quote, that would be
great. What I get is "We can't even help you." What kind of service
is that? The tight ass is the warrenty company that gave me the mis-
match. Now, after I go to the BBB, they are offering to pay a
fraction of the cost to replace the evaporator. I got the money for
the complete install, but nobody wants to come out and fix it.

I called a my local HVAC company and they said they could not get the
Fan/Coil unit becuase thier not a Payne dealer. I then called Payne
and they said, we can sell it directly to you, where should we ship
it? Now, who's job am I doing here? I have to do all the research
and ask people on the internet, the only step I'm freakin missing is
installing the damd thing ! So you see how I feel that I could
install this thing and know that it's done right. And laugh all you
want, I can install the unit and it would be just fine. It's not
exactly brain surgery.