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Default Code violations, including storage of gasoline outside?

Stormin Mormon wrote:

She's got me beat. I've been known to let the tub of hot water sit till it
gets cool. I mean, I'm the guy who paid to heat that water. It can release
MY heat in the house, or in the drain.

As much as she pinched pennies, and she pinched harder than anyone else
that I know, she was also
very generous. Good cook, great company, great neighbor and she fed me
many times. Her hubby
was disabled with emphysema, but equally a great friend and good
neighbor. I forget what went trouble? broken sprinkler?......but I had a problem one
day and Bob got on his riding
mower to come across the street to help me out. He couldn't walk that
far, but he did help me.
Another neighbor, at the same place, lived behind me and I had never met
him. He saw the sprinkler
repairman in my back yard one day and came over to ask the guy what he
was up to hadn't
appeared that there was work going on and the neighbor was just making
sure I was OK. Boy,
do I miss good neighbors!!!