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Default TOTO toilet. G-Max or Gravity

Brent Bolin wrote:

G-Max - Commercial and Residential installations
This outstanding flush system was designed for high use applications,
such as hotels and motels. Featuring high head pressure, this high
performance flushing system utilizes a 3" flush valve, and 2-1/8"
glazed computer designed trapway, and siphon jet action. Providing a
quiet and extra powerful flush toilets featuring the G-Max system are
considered as equal to pressure assist systems, without the noise,
high cost, and frequent repairs common in pressure assist toilets. We
have both one and two piece toilets featuring this system.

It says it's quite. But is it noticeable loader then a plain old
gravity unit?

I have two Toto's, one a G-max. I like the G-max best and it flushes no
louder. Both installed by my plumber and the G-max was $100 more.
Only problem I had was to replace flapper after a little over a year.
The wider opening may make it more susceptible to leakage. Guy at HD
sold me wrong flapper but I found parts stocked at Lowes but not HD and
replacement easy.