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Default Increasing shower water pressure


I am planning on installing a portable shower and the overhead water
tank is just one foot above the shower head. I need to know how can I
increase the water pressure at the shower end without the use of any
Could this be acheived by increasing the shower line piping dia ?
Please see my diagram for referrance:
Please advise...............shall be very grateful to you.

Hi Rehaun! Nice camp style there! It will work as you designed it well
enough but to increase the water pressure you'll have to built the tank
higher and will only get the best pressure when it's full.

Had a friend in my youth who's dad built a cabin and I'd go camping with
their family sometimes when in college. He built something a bit like this.
It was filled from a sluice bleed off from a small trickling waterfall that
fed a creek or you could just pull up a bucket from the creek (little river,
not but 4 feet wide) to fill the tank. When the tank was full, it fed the
excess back to the creek.