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Default Small kitchen, would you get 18" dishwasher or 24" stove?

"Mikepier" wrote

I'm helping to renovate a kitchen in my brother-in-laws studio
apartment, and there was no dishwasher in the old kitchen, but we'd
like to put one in now. Problem is the kitchen is short on space and
we only have 2 alternatives, get an 18" dishwasher and 30" stove, or
get a 24" dishwasher and a 24" stove.
I've seen the 18" dishwasher and it does not look like you can put
much in there. The 24" stove seems like something the tenant can live
with. Any opinions appreciated.

Hi Mike! As a long time rental type (Military, many moves, now own a house
but I've been in apartments for eons), I have an opnion. I can't say as the
renters will be smart enough to realize the difference but those who have
been there, will.

The 24inch stove will be a problem for any family after a bit. Check the
size of a large Pizza (Djornos etc). I bet you will find a large pizza pan
will not fit. I had one like that in Japan and was happy to even have that
as mst rental units there have no oven at all. They have a thing called a
'system7' (google will not show this correctly, I've tried. It's a mere
slot with a broiler). If I saw the 24 inch stove, I would open to check the
inside and probably select another apartment with a full oven.

Conversely, the smaller dishwasher will not be a problem though may not fit
that big pizza pan ;-)
If there wasnt one at all, I'd still rent and be looking for a portable.

If the kitchen is small and you were thinking to remove some cabinet space
for the dishwasher, first look and see if you can find an external stand
alone 'portable' dishwasher (you hook these to the sink, no plumbing
required). You just roll these to a wall when not in use. I had one of
these and found out I liked them quite well. Given the option now to go
back to one and have my pot storage cabinet back, I'd do it in a flash.
They dont last as long and arent 'pot scrubbers' but they do well enough for
regular use. Our last one in an apartment lasted 5 years before needing

We also had a nifty japanese 'portable' dishwasher that is much like an old
fashioned dishdrain with a cover that hooks to the sink and drains right
into the sink. Very very nice machine! Serious pot-scrubber action too!
Tenants not used to such though, won't think much on first sight of those
and they do take up a fair amount of counterspace (we stowed it under the
sink when not in use).

Anyways, you asked for opinons. 30 inch stove, 18 inch (portable preferred
if none there now and you'd be removing cabinet space) dishwasher.