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Default Increasing shower water pressure

On Mar 31, 5:53*am, "Edwin Pawlowski" wrote:
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I am planning on installing a portable shower and the overhead water
tank is just one foot above the shower head. I need to know how can I
increase the water pressure at the shower end without the use of any
Could this be acheived by increasing the shower line piping dia ?
Please see my diagram for referrance:
Please advise...............shall be very grateful to you.


The only way to increase pressure is to lower the shower head or raise the
tank considerably or add a pump. *The pressure is what it is and increasing
line size does nothing to pressure, but increases flow. *You can pressurize
the tank, but that is just an air pump instead of a water pump.

I forgot, you can increase the gravitational pull of the earth too.

OT, but your mention of a portable shower reminds me of the coolest
shower I ever used.

A friend bought small cottage by a creek with a very small bathroom
and no shower. Water was supplied by a well and had decent pressure.

He added an outdoor shower next to the back door by building walls of
lattice and planting some type of clinging vine around the base. For
the first few years, privacy was provided by shower curtains inside
the stall, but once the vines covered the lattice the curtains were
removed. The user was hidden from view but still showering in the
great outdoors.

The shower was cozy, but there was still room for 2.