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Default Lawn tractor transmissions

The hydrostatice tractors are a nuisance as you have to keep your foot
on the "gas". The manual ones allow you to select 1-6 and go. As
far as durability goes I dont know. I like to daydream/think while
mowing and found that I got slower and slower on the automatic tractor
as my foot let up. I would suggest the manual and save $200 . What
didnt you like about your old mower?

On Mar 29, 6:01*pm, Jim wrote:
Looking to purchase a consumer grade lawn tractor. *My 18 year old Sears
(Murry) riding mower has manually selected gears. *Many of the new
machines boast hydrostatic transmissions. *Are these really any better? *
Are they as durable as regular gears?