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Default TOTO toilet. G-Max or Gravity

On Mar 29, 6:16�pm, Brent Bolin wrote:
On Mar 29, 6:09�pm, SMS wrote:

Brent Bolin wrote:
Getting ready to remodel the bathroom. �Have heard a lot of good
things about TOTO from this group.


What is the difference between G-Max and Gravity?

I have three Drake toilets that have been pretty good.

However in the remodeling of a rental, I put in Niagara flapperless toilets.

I don't care about conserving water. �Water is cheap. �Far more
interested in a toilet that never gets clogged.

So my question still is. �What is the difference between G-Max and

power flush doesnt clog But wakes entire home when anyone flushes