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Default How can I repair a hole in shower wall ?

On Mar 28, 8:57*am, "Paul J. Dudley"
* Hello,

* We are working on an old mobile home. There is a large
*hole in one of the walls ( the wall opposite the faucet ).
*The wall appears to be a sheet of sorts, reminds me of
*formica laminate.

* A very long time ago I did a repair in a fiberglass shower
*floor. I used fiberglass resin to repair it and it worked well.
*It seemed to me that the fiberglass resin would stick to
*anything. So my idea now is to try using it to repair this hole.

*Question: Does this sound like it will work (would the resin stick
*to the wall material and be water proof ), or is there some
*other patch method I should refer to ?



Your idea will work although epoxy resin would be more flexible and
durable. A new shower enclosure is not so expensive and is the
preferred fix.