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Default Cordless drills - Junk battery power packs and rebuilding old nicad cells

Ok the above was on a fire sale. The power pack looks pretty good and well
made. Don't have any Task Force cordless drills but I could reuse the
batteries on a few old cordless in storage with dead batteries. The Task
Force nicad cell has a rating of 1200mAh, kinda weak for C cells. Anyway, I
reconfigured the those cells to fit into an old power pack and cycle it a
few times to get full power but all it could give was less than 2 minutes of
run time. Looks more like 120mAh or maybe I'm doing something wrong. Anyone
know the run time on those cordless Task Force drills?

Plan B, zap the battery trick. I was able to revive four of the six existing
dead power packs and than was able to give it a full charge. Wow, it almost
run like new.