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Default Recommend Laminate in the Bathroom?

On Mar 23, 8:33*am, "JoeSpareBedroom" wrote:
"lbbss" wrote in message


I went to a flooring place locally and they said they don't recommend
it. * A few years ago I installed laminate in the hall and kitchen.
From that batch, I used a sample and put it in a bucket of water over
night and it did not seam to be affected. * Are they some manufacture
that claim to be good for bathroom floors? *if so which manufacture or
brand that you know of? *thanks.

Art mentioned Mannington:

Another major manufacturer:

I would use your telephone, and ONLY your telephone to contact both
companies and see if they recommend certain laminates (and installation
methods) for bathrooms.

Why the paranoia about only using the telephone? With an email, at
least he'd have a record of the response.

Commercial kitchens get as much water (and other
slop) on their floors in one day as a home bathroom will see in a lifetime,
and those kitchens don't always use ceramic flooring. One of those companies
should be able to advise you.

I've never seen a commercial kitchen with laminate flooring of any
kind, have you?

Once you have material & installation recommendations, as well as dealer
names, shop for a dealer whose ideas match what the manufacturers told you..

Depending on how long one intends to stay in the house, I'd also
consider the effect on re-sale of using a laminate in the bathroom.