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Default Recommend Laminate in the Bathroom?

"Edwin Pawlowski" wrote in message
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"lbbss" wrote in message
I went to a flooring place locally and they said they don't recommend
it. A few years ago I installed laminate in the hall and kitchen.
From that batch, I used a sample and put it in a bucket of water over
night and it did not seam to be affected. Are they some manufacture
that claim to be good for bathroom floors? if so which manufacture or
brand that you know of? thanks.

It is not the material itself, but the fact that water can leak down
between the seams and rot out the underlayment or sub floor.

Isn't the same true of ceramic tile? Grout absorbs water. I have a 18 inch
diameter hole in my 10 year old house subfloor that was covered with ceramic
tile and plenty of mud that proves my point. I am going with laminate as
the replacement floor in the bathroom. At least repair of the subfloor will
be easy with laminate. Also we had Mannington laminate put in my elderly
parents' bathroom 5 years ago. Still looks brand new. That was on a
concrete slab floor. In any case you have to follow manufacturers
instructions which include a vapor barrier under the floor and silicon
around the perimeter of the room to protect the cut edges under the molding
from moisture. The finished interlocking edges are very water resistant in
the current name brand floors.