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Default Opinions of this electric heated blower, for heating a garage?

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bryanska wrote:

Wow, ask a dumb question, get a borderline aggressive answer.

Still, thanks everyone for helping me figure that out.

To your credit, your follow-up was quite measured, indeed. Thank-you.
And your query wasn't dumb. I still believe the only truly DUMB
question is one that isn't asked.

With substantially less bluster, allow me to add that my experience with
TWO electric space heaters in my otherwise unheated garage was less than
satisfactory while the same space is nicely warmed by a 30,000-btu,
fan-forced, propane-fueled heater. Quite frankly, the electrics didn't
warm the space much at all.

My first home was heated with an electric, forced-air, central furnace.
It had two "banks" of elements, 5kw each. They were "staged" two
degrees apart. Normal maintenance of the thermostat setting used only
one bank. Cranking-up the setting by more than two degrees activated
the second element bank.

One day, on a semi-lunatic lark, I fired-up all four "burners" on the
electric range in the kitchen. I also turned on both elements in the
broiler/oven. I then ran a tub full of very warm water for the
daughters' bath. This activated both elements of the water heater.

I switched-on every light and appliance I could find. I left open the
refrigerator door long enough to ensure its compressor ran. I recall I
found the steam iron and plugged that in. An electric space heater or
two was added to the mix. I cranked-up the thermostat in the hall to
get the furnace going at full bore. I then donned my parka and went
outside to check the electric meter.

It was an unbelievable sight. Never before or since have I seen one
spin at such a rate. It was awesome.

Our local power utility named one of their peaking units in my honor.