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Default Whole house sediment filters

"Alexander SuperTramp" wrote in message
We live in Gilbert (phoenix) Arizona, we have a water softener, but we
have always gotten a brown ring in the washer tub, it looks just like the
dirt that is outside.
I was wondering if some type of in line sediment filter might help to
alleviate this, or if the micron rating would be to large( most I have
found are in the 10 micron range).
Should I put it in before the softener or after?

Looking to spend in the sub $100 range with filter that are in the 15-20
range and replaced every 6 months or so.
Any suggestions on filter type?

HI there

We use to get sediment in the bathtub, toilet, so we installed one before
the water softener, works great for the 5y we have had it just a cheap 40$
whole house one at the local hardware store. It did leak once when we
changed it but hubby dug some grit out of the pressure value, the plumber
installed a shut off just before it so we could change the filter.