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Default what should I choose as my first power tool?

If I had room for it, I would get a table saw... that said, I do my projects
with a circular saw and a piece of aluminum angle for a guide. Clamp the
aluminum to a piece of scrap, put the edge of the plate under the circular
saw against the aluminum and cut across. Then measure carefully (I actually
used calipers, but you could easily cut a "gage stick" from other scrap)
from the edge of cut to face of aluminum. Then you can use the "gage stick"
to set up your pseudo-fence and cut very straight & pretty precisely place
lines. It is slower to set up each cut, but a whale of a lot cheaper than a
table saw.
I wonder about accuracy (squareness) of fences on bench model saws. Anyone
have experience to share?
I use the same aluminum angle & my router to make dado cuts as well.

takashi wrote in message
Hi. I am interested in woodworking. I have made a desk, using hand saw
and an electric drill. It was a hard work. This time, I am thinking
about a power tool to make things easy. Since my budget is rather
limited, I want to buy just one power tool. I am wondering whether I
should buy a bench saw(table saw) or a bandsaw(just a small one for 290
Canadian dollars) or a jigsaw(makita). It seems that the jigsaw is the
most portable, but I don't know if it is possible to do
straight-cuttings. I will be making a sofa( or futon type ), but I want
to try to make other furnitures like tables or chairs or some kind of
drawers. Could anybody give me some suggestions?
Thank you very much in advance.