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Default Disposal/Sink Leak

On Tue, 18 Mar 2008 19:25:16 -0500, "bworthey"
bworthey@windstreamDOTnet wrote:

I just installed a new garbage disposal and thought I did a pretty good job
considering I had put one in before (not on this sink).

Things almost always go better, or even best, the first time. That's
where we get the concept of beginner's luck. I think I pay more
attention the first time than I do later.

Well, I have a
leak, but it only seems to leak when I fill the sink up some and let the
water out, if it is just running through it doesn't seem to leak or if it
does it is only a tiny leak. Any suggestions? I'm thinking I didn't get
all 3 sides of the quick connect thing or whatever you call it for the

That would be really hard to do, if you have an insinkerator or one
they make, which is 80+ percent of them.

disposal connected well, but I can't tell. Any thoughts?

Get under there with a lamp and have someone do the water thing above.