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Default Air compressor suitability?

According to Joseph Meehan :

A finish nailer should be just fine, but if you want to do production
framing or roofing, forget it.

The compressor the OP mentioned is more than adequate for any nailer,
including hardwood flooring nailers. That's the sort of rig that
professional framers, roofers and hardwood installers use. Often
two or three nailers off the same unit. I used one like that for
flooring. Nailers really don't need that much.

Sanders, decent sprayers and sand blasters are the big
air hogs.

Automotive tools need more air than nailers, but less than sprayers.
If he can live with waiting for the tank to recharge with higher
air volume automotive tools, he won't have problems.

["Waiting" isn't practical with sprayers, and a PITA with sanders or
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