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Default Help removing dishwasher please!

Ingram Developers wrote:
So, somehow we had a rubber spatula fall on to the heating element in
our dishwasher, where it proceeded to melt everywhere. We wanted a
new dishwasher anyways, so this was a small blessing in disguise. Now
the problem...

We had hardwood floors put in the kitchen, and the bottom of the
dishwasher is now "walled" behind the new floor so that it won't slide
out anymore. We have new granite countertops above it, so removing
the counter won't work.

I think that with enough pulling and tugging, we may be able to
squeeze the washer out, but I'm afraid it will damage the floor while
I'm doing it.

Is it possible to completely disassemble a dishwasher so that it will
come out in pieces? Anyone run into this before?

Do the legs adjust?

Give some thought to the real possibility that after trying extreme and
Draconian measures (including chopping and hacking and sawing), you still
can't get it out. You will have what looks like a miniature car wreck under
your counter.

The only fix for that is curtains.