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Default Kick Toe heater sizing

"Eric Scantlebury" wrote in message
Ok - I am remodling my kitchen and I'm putting cabinets where my existing
baseboard had been so I want to put a toe kick heater in as a replacement.

Anyone know of a good site for a DIY'er to get sizing info and product
info on these units? I've already pulled out the existing forced hot
water baseboard (and just spliced it to the existing zone with 3/4
copper). The old baseboard was around 5 feet. The kitchen is 12'x12'.

I can do all the plumbing and electrical for the unit just need to know
what to buy. Any experience/opinions welcome.


Just my opinion: use anything but a toekick. I've used a few brands like
Myson, and Becon-Morris. I'm pretty sure they're all made by the same
company. From my experience, over time they tend to vibrate and become very
loud. Make sure you don't install them under any base cabinet where you'd
want to stand in front of, they blow so hot you have to straddle it