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Default Air compressor suitability?

"Joseph Meehan" wrote in message
Different tools require different supplies.

A amateur spray gun may work with what you have, but if you want to use
a good spray gun (good means better and faster results) you willl need
more. It should be fine for a small touch up spray gun.

A finish nailer should be just fine, but if you want to do production
framing or roofing, forget it.

I ended up sand blasting a large 2 story home. I would still be
working on that job, except I rented a trailer mounted commercial air

In short, what you list may be fine, but I will guess that in time you
will, like a lot of us have, find other jobs for it and wish you had more
power and storage capacity. Check the specific requirements and
recommendations for the specific tools you are considering.

Joseph Meehan

Dia 's Muire duit

Joseph, I knew if I waited around long enough there would be something we
would agree upon. I am a fan for just overbuying. Then you can use it for
most anything, including those jobs that come along only once a year or so.
But not so much overbuying as the compressor you rented. I have a stand up
Husky, and that does anything I want to do.