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Default new drywall joins to existing painted wall

"JohnnyC" wrote in message
Yes, you could just tape it, but you will probably get better adhesion if
you scrape off the paint down to the sheetrock paper on the adjoining
wall. Then, use your paper tape in the corners. (I hate those metal
inside corner beads.)

wrote in message
In a bedroom, I need to build a new interior partition 90 degrees off
an existing wall. The existing wall is painted (Benj. Moore eggshell
latex) and the new construction will need to be taped at the corner
where they join together. Can I just tape this corner like it was all
unfinished drywall, or will I need to prep the existing painted
surface to affect a good bond and sound tape joint?

Sheetrock Brand Durabond Setting Type Joint Compound will bond to paint.
It comes in a bag with

varying setting times..45,90,210...You mix it in a CLEAN joint compound
bucket with CLEAN water with a drill and paddle. Make sure
paddle,tools,bucket are cleaned BEFORE it sets.And yes the durabond on the
paddle WILL set up HARD submerged in a bucket of water..LOL...Keep in mind
that Durabond CAN NOT BE SANDED so don't get carried away and ONLY use it to
embed the tape. Finish with regular joint compound...I use Durabond to put
ALL the tape on in a house as well as the first TIGHT coat on the
cornerbead..I don't get callbacks for cracks...LOL...