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Default Engine hoist capacity/webtv rant

Well, a prebuilt gantry hoist runs $500-600. The steel to build one,
with the prices of even scrapmetal thru the roof, wouldn't be cheap. I
just had my garage built in the fall, and the package, for some reason,
had some extra lumber. I've got a couple of long 4x4's, and some cutoff
pieces 5' long or so. Also several 2x8's, and various 2x4 pieces. So if
I could safely build a hoist with this, it would be almost free, other
than my time. Then I could spend more on go fast parts! lol Really, I
honestly thought that I could build a wooden hoist that would be much
heavier duty than a store-bought hoist.I have a large, very heavily
built outside hoist I made to lift car bodies off the frame. It is made
from 6x6's, with tons of bracing, but it is too tall to go in the
garage, and there is no way to take it apart. I have a good, heavy duty
steel hydrualic cherrypicker at my father-in-laws garage, but he uses it
quite a bit on our fleet so I don't want to take it from him. Also, our
latemodel has a fairly long nose, sitting low to the ground, with a bit
of engine setback. So even my good picker is stretching to do this
motor. I figured that an overhead lifting hoist would work better on
this car in particular. Maybe my original idea won't work, thats why I
was looking for imput. My drawing board is always open! Big E