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Default Engine hoist capacity

To elaborate a little on my original idea... I was thinking 4x4
uprights, with a 4x4 or 4x6 top crossbar. I was going to run 2x4's
diagonally from almost the middle of the crossbar, to the uprights, 2
per side. I figured this would beef up the middle of the crossbar, where
the chainfall would go. By the way, I'm going to use a chain chainfall,
where you pull the chain one way for up and the other for down, not
ropes or pulleys. I was going to use 4x4's on the bottom, under the
uprights, with 3 swivel casters per side, for mobility. I wanted to be
able to disasemble it for storage, as it is not something to use
everyday. I know a small block chevy is a little under 500#, and
probably another 200# for a tranny. I wanted a 10' span on top, to give
plenty of room to work on the sides of the car, but as our latemodel
racecar is about 6 1/2' wide, I could go less if I had to. I have a
cheap, foldup Harbor Freight cherrypicker now, but it is marginal in
reach and height to pull many motors. I just want something I can use
safely, inside my garage because it gets cold here in Michigan in the
winter. So what if I go 8' span, with my diagonals, possibly either
stack 2 4x4's, or use a bundle of 2 or 3 2x8's or 2x10's? Or is wood
just going to be too weak no matter how I do it? I really appreciate the
input! Big E