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Default Skylight dome repair?

those are all really good tips. Maybe a film and/or silicon repair while I
work out the dome replacement. I wold be no trouble to replace...if I can
find one the right size.
thanks again
"RicodJour" wrote in message
On Mar 10, 1:33 am, "trs80" wrote:
I have about a 8' x 4' skylight with opaque white plastic dome. It has 3
cracks radiating out to about 1'. its intact, just cracked. Probably
wind blew a pine cone into it.

How can I go about repairing it? The dome is not viewed from inside the
house as there is a colored glass inset in the ceiling. I was thinking
contact cement and laying a flexible membrane over the cracked area that
would withstand the weather and UV. I visited Lowes but saw nothing like
that. It would be great if the membrane was translucent but not
Any hints appreciated on how to go about this repair.

There's really nothing you can do that will repair it to where it will
be as strong as it was before. It's a big skylight and I can
understand why you're trying to keep from having to replace it. You
could try some of this:
It won't last forever, but it'll delay the inevitable.