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Default Skylight dome repair?

On Mar 10, 12:33�am, "trs80" wrote:
I have about a 8' x 4' skylight with opaque white plastic dome. �It has 3
cracks radiating out to about 1'. �its intact, just cracked. �Probably the
wind blew a pine cone into it.

How can I go about repairing it? �The dome is not viewed from inside the
house as there is a colored glass inset in the ceiling. �I was thinking
contact cement and laying a flexible membrane over the cracked area that
would withstand the weather and UV. �I visited Lowes but saw nothing like
that. �It would be great if the membrane was translucent but not critical.
Any hints appreciated on how to go about this repair.

i would replace the entire skylight, since a failure could do a lot of
damage. how old is the skylight? did you know plastic gets brittle
with age?

you could try to find a replacement dome, if you know who made the