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Default spilled milk in car

Phisherman wrote:
On Sat, 8 Mar 2008 17:58:22 -0500, (Pdk Pdk) wrote:

Won't go into HOW it happened, but today I broke a half-gallon
glass jar of milk on the front passenger floor of my car. Got up most
of the glass, but what's my next step to get the milk out of the carpet?
I'd like to avoid smells, stains, mold...whatever else comes with
spilled milk in the carpet. (The passenger area is lower than door edge
so I can't just squeegee it out, and I don't see me removing the entire
freekin' carpet from the car either).
Thanks for any help on this.

Remove carpet! You can either wash the carpet (washing on a concrete
driveway works well) or replace the carpeting with new.

BTDT. Major PITA. You usually have to pull the seats, seatbelts, and
most of the lower interior trim, and the screwholes never line back up
correctly on old plastic. Plus, new carpet costs a bunch, unless you are
lucky enough to finding matching carpet at a junkyard in a car where the
interior isn't open to the weather, and just as smelly.

I'd try washing in place first, and only resort to removal and washing
or replacement, if the stink does not go away. Detail shops wash carpet
in place all the time, and floorpans and carpet get wet all the time
from wet or snow-covered feet.

Least painful solution, if cost is no object, may be to have the
interior detailed by the same shop the local car lots use.

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