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Default Can Fla. insurance co. be held to homeowners binder rate that differs from policy rate due to incorrect info submitted by agent?

"Doc" wrote in message
My former carrier sent a notice of non-renewal so I went shopping for

Among the quotes I got was from State Farm who I currently have my
auto policies with. I got the quote last Wednesday 2/27, as it
happened I discovered they were going to cease writing homeowner's
policies in Florida as of close of business Friday 2/29. They said if
I wanted to go with them they had to get it in by close of business

I had been with State farm in Florida for 25 years. I didn't get canceled
but that was not a good thing. They had jacked the price up beyond believe.
I found a relatively new company that was not only cheaper than SF's new
quote, they were cheaper than the previous barely tolerable year,

This outfit is in the Tampa area. While they did not write a policy for the
same house value as SF, there deductible was so much lower that in the event
of a total loss the proceeds would be higher.

Check around with independent agents and see if you can find one that sells
policies by American Traditions