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Default snow blower repair

On Mar 2, 10:11*am, "Blattus Slafaly 0/00 "
Tom wrote:
I have an older Sears Track drive (10 hp, 32inch) snowblower and I am
having problems putting on a new belt that runs the auger. *Any
suggestions on an easy way to replace it?

Read the manual if you have a maintenance manual, if not, order one.
It's oOne of those thing that's easy if you know how and a pain if you
do not.

Blattus Slafaly *? 3 * * *7/8

Having just assembled my new 10hp 2-stage, I would say that the
instructions are simple, the operation is not. Anytime you have to
pull the engine pulley to take the machine apart...

Harry K