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Default snow blower repair

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I have an older Sears Track drive (10 hp, 32inch) snowblower and I am
having problems putting on a new belt that runs the auger. Any
suggestions on an easy way to replace it?

If it is the set-up that I think it is, there is no easy way to replace
the belt other than to use one of those "link" belts that you buy by the
foot and make the belt the size that you want and can install it just by
snaking the belt around the pulleys then join the ends. It is quite
expensive but taking a machine apart just to change a belt isn't cheap

Seems like a good idea, but trying to install a link belt in place will
probably lead to not enough tension on the belt. Of course, if this belt
is meant to be engaged by an idler pulley, this could work fine. However,
if it's meant to be running full time as in a two stage snow blower (and
I'm guessing a 10 hp, 32" blower is two stage) the tension will probably
be low.

good luck,

I have had a couple of large two stage blowers and both stages only ran when
engaged by the controls. A link type belt would have been easy to install
and would have had plenty of pressure when engaged to not slip as there was
a lot of adjustment available.