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Default insulation moisture??

On Feb 29, 7:10 pm, cavedweller wrote:
On Feb 29, 8:39 pm, "Joseph Meehan"
wrote: Where are the damp spots? On the ceiling below, on the top of the
floor, around vents on the roof???? You installed the insulation correctly,
but there may be air leaks below it.

I pictured condensation dripping from the now colder roof onto the
plywood floor. Perhaps the OP could clarify.

I'm picturing moisture going through the ceiling drywall or holes in
the drywall for lights, etc., through the insulation, and into the

If the house is in a relatively cool/cold climate, there should be a
vapor barrier on the WARM side of the insulation, to prevent just this
sort of thing. Assuming, of course, that what I am picturing is
closely related to the truth....