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Yuri Kuchinsky
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Default Copper Casting In America (Trevelyan)

Tom McDonald wrote:
Yuri Kuchinsky wrote:


1. She doesn't even mention any of the available scientific
evidence indicating that, in precontact times, much copper
was cast rather than cold-worked and forged.

Perhaps you could show me some of this evidence (other than the
Connor web site or the Mallery book; I can always read the
former, and have requested the latter by ILL).

The evidence is in the Mallery book, and I've already quoted
it here.

It may simply be plain ignorance on her part, but we
shouldn't also discount a possibility that she's
deliberately excluding any evidence that is not in accord
with her anti-Native political bias.

In any case, the name Mallory (a qualified engineer, and the
leading researcher in this area) is not mentioned in her
bibliography at all.

Why would it be mentioned?

Because it's relevant.

Her book is on copper usage,
(apparently more wrt its usage as art and ceremonial usage), and
most of Mallery's book is about iron.

Non sequitur.


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