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Default Unsticking a corner carousel

If it was like the one I had, the trays were friction fit to a central
spindle and over time they would slowly drift down on the shaft until they
hit the bottom and cause a great deal of friction. THe fix was to push them
back up and drive a nail in to the wooden shaft to prevent the diffting down

"Phisherman" wrote in message
On Tue, 30 Oct 2007 13:27:31 -0000, Christopher Nelson

With luck, I'll be moving in a few weeks. The new house passed the
structural inspection with only minor issues noted but one thing I'm
sure is going to make me crazy is that the kitchen cabinets include a
corner carousel which turns with difficulty. I've never had one of
these in my house and I'm not sure how to fix it. I've Googled
newsgroups and the web in general and not found even an exploded view
of how they usually go together. What can I clean and/or lubricate to
make it work better?

Personally, I'd remove it. Things fall off of it, wasted space, and
it may not always turn easily. I saw (on TOH) an alternative to a
carousel which has a quarter-round rack that swings out on the door
and at the same time pulls a square shelf from the corner. I
question the price of such a shelf mechanism, and maybe better off to
store seasonal or seldom used items in the far back corner. Hmmm, now
where did I store that deep turkey iron roasting pan?