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Default Unsticking a corner carousel

"Christopher Nelson" wrote in message
With luck, I'll be moving in a few weeks. The new house passed the
structural inspection with only minor issues noted but one thing I'm
sure is going to make me crazy is that the kitchen cabinets include a
corner carousel which turns with difficulty. I've never had one of
these in my house and I'm not sure how to fix it. I've Googled
newsgroups and the web in general and not found even an exploded view
of how they usually go together. What can I clean and/or lubricate to
make it work better?

Normally if it isnt a paint problem and you are sure it's the spindle, then
you have to oil at the base. The base may be hard to get at. In mine, it
requires I pull the 'baseboard' of the cabinet off, then there are 4 screws
we undo and the whole thing (including the outer cabinet which is attached)
can be pulled out. We just did this 2 weeks ago (part of the fixes from
renters who had our house). Underneath, was all sorts of spilled 'gunk'
which had leached into where the spindle connected. Cleaned it all up and
used WD-40, and all is well. If anything, it spins too easy now. The only
hard part was getting the baseboard off in one piece (essential as it's not
standard stuff but designed to match the rest and cant be found now).