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Default Remove icemaker??

On 29 Oct, 16:31, wrote:
Well, I'm working my way down my list before winter sets in....

On to the refrigerator. It has a top freezer of the
common kinds found in most kitchens.

It has an icemaker installed in the freezer. I think it is one of
those Kenmores that you can buy with or without the icemaker kit (the
refrigerator/freezer came with the house).

Anyway, the water inlet hose burst under the house, so I just capped
it off where it came off the main water line and disconnected the line
from the appliance.

In the meantime, I mickey-moused a "fix" to hold the "turn-off" wire
bar for the icemaker inside the freezer to the off position. Here's a
picture of just what my icemaker looks like, along with the wire bar,
which in the picture is in the "on" position

But, since I plan never to use the icemaker again, nor hook it back
up, is there anyway to easily remove it and make more room available
in the freezer?

If not, is it "safe" to leave the icemaker "on" even with no water
connection. Or will it use tons of electric, burn-up, etc.???

I'm assuming you don't have the installation manual...

Have you tried to lift the ice maker straight up towards the top of
the freezer to see if it is hanging on screw heads or posts?
Have you looked for screws on the inside of the unit to see if it is
screwed into the side wall?

Ice makers are usually hung on the side wall and there will be a plug
of some sort for power. You might not be able to get to the plug until
you remove the unit from the side wall.