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Default Moire effects on new TV

William Sommerwerck wrote:
Is this on every channel? On every program?

Does it appear in every image? Moire patterns would normally appear only in
areas with a lot of fine detail.

One possible source of moire patterns is the use of a 625-line tube in a
525-line set, or vice-versa.

It's mostly noticable on darker screens/images. If I try to spot it on
the lighter screens I sometimes can. I think it did appear when
watching a dvd through composite cables and it appeared while watching
a videotape through coaxial cables.

One thing I noticed about this tv is that even though the picture sort
of looks better than older CRTs, it also doesn't look as crystal
sharp. It's weird. But then I still think my old CRT monitor looks
better than these new LCD monitors, which is partially why I chose a
CRT tv over an LCD tv.

Anyway, the tv is a Sanyo and the model number is HT27547. Do you
perhaps know anything about this particular model? Is there anyway you
(or anyone) could find out anything about it?