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Default circut breaker trips

In article , Jeff Wisnia wrote:
Doug Miller wrote:
In article 7a14de95c79b4@uwe, "fencingmom" u38466@uwe wrote:

as soon as I turn on my dryer the circut breaker trips off. would this be a
problem with the breaker or the dryer? The dryer is only 2 years old.

You haven't provided anywhere nearly enough information to enable anyone to
even guess at the answer.

Gas or electric dryer?

Does the circuit breaker really trip the instant you turn on the dryer, or is

there a discernible delay?

Most dryers have an air-only setting; does the problem occur on that setting,

too, or just when it's set on a heating cycle?

What is the amperage of the circuit breaker?

What is the amperage listed on the dryer's electrical rating plate?

Did this problem start suddenly, or has it been intermittent and growing

over time?

If the problem started suddenly, did any unusual event (fire, flood,

strike, mechanical damage, etc.) occur shortly before it started?

Now if this was asked on alt.hvac six responders would for sure tell him
to install a new wall thermostat. G

... and touch off another two-week flame war.

Nicely posed diagnostic questions Doug, you should charge more.

Thanks, Jeff, I'm thinking about raising my rates. g We'll see what the OP
comes back with, and then maybe we'll have something to work with.

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