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Default Counterytop doesn't meet tiles

"Dee Dee" wrote in message

I had installed in a new countertop. The countertop and the tiles
don't meet vertically.
A repair person said that the tile and dry wall will have to be

The tiles on the rest of the kitchen (in an L shape) are all in place
on the wall, but they do not meet the countertop either.


Two strips of tile (about 3/8") are missing near the corner where an
appliance garage was removed, so that is a problem as well.

Our countertops did not turn out the way we would like them; so we are
not looking for a perfect-looking kitchen. I have new appliances and
new Armstrong flooring as well. But I think tearing out tile (and I'd
put the same color - white back in) is too much expense. The grout in
betwen is a mauve colored grout, as the countertops were mauve
colored, and now they are beige. But I can live with the mauve color,
even though someone did 'hint' that it looked like it is dirty (which
it is not.)

Some of the tile above the stove was put back in by my husband, so he
is capable of replacing the tiles that are not there.

But we can't get any advise on what product or technique to fill the
space between the Cambria countertops and the tile if we do not want
to replace all the tile.

Any comments appreciated.

You wanted any comments, so here they are.

It appears you thought new counter tops would remodel the entire area. Now,
after over spending for a floor & new appliances, you are having buyer's

I see no problem with the counter tops, of course you really don't show the
surface area of them. You don't like how the rest of the area meet the
counter. You forget, the tile no doubt was set after the old counter top
was in place. Why would you think the new tops would match the old tile?
Did someone give you a hint they would?

Complete the remodel in the correct fashion. You paid for a half-way
remodel, and you got it. New appliances and floor won't fix the problem at
hand. What in the world were you thinking?