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Default Need help...finishing

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I am in the process of finishing up with a bed room set, and need to start
finishing it. I have made a few test boards and am not happy with the
results of the stain. It is all hard maple, and this is my first time with
maple. It just looks bad, it doesn't bring out the grain , it hides it and
looks blotchy, sanding sealer helps with the blotchy a bit, but it's still
very monotone when it's done.

Any and all suggestions would be helpful, Thanks


You will get MUCH better results if you use a dye. Woodcraft sells
Transtint dyes that are alcohol/water soluble. You dilute the dye until
you get the darkness you want.

Pigment stains do not work well on maple!


Ditto on the using of dyes on maple. I have some TransTint amber that I am
using on maple kitchen cabs. Warning....a little goes a long way.