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Default Craftsman table saw

I purchased my Craftsman Table Saw back in the 70s.

The first thing I had to do was have the table Blanchard ground. The table was so rough it would sand the wood when you pushed it
accross it. Afterwards it was as smooooth.

Next one pully broke and replaced both with steel ones. Later got one of those link belts. Quit now.

One of the bearing went out, I had to open up a access hole on the side to get a bearing puller in there. Smooth cuts now.

The last thing, not required, an out-feed-table. Now long stuff doesn't fall off the back.

The only short coming is the motor. 1hp on 110v. A long extension cord doesn't last long. Besides the motor has seen it better
days. I guess it time to replace it too.

Need a better fence.

W. Kirk Crawford
Tularosa, New Mexico