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Default Craftsman table saw

"RonB" wrote in message
Wayne -
Initially I wasn't sure I opened to the right link. But as I read to the
bottom I got the message. I think the lesson learned is if you are going
to buy a JET tool, don't buy it from Sears. Buy it from a tool store that
handles JET and cares about future business - or at least someone like
Amazon who is fairly responsive. From experience I have had with
Craftsman/Sears over 30 + years, Sears used to provide pretty good service
but now that is suffering.

Seriously, it would be interesting for someone to post a question like
yours and request the age of the responder. I suspect you'll see a
negative Craftsman bias that starts with users in the 50+ age range. From
posts I see here it appears as though younger folks are pretty pleased
with Craftsman. Many of us who were loyal Craftsman groupies back in the
1970's have sworn them off. Years ago if I needed a tool I drove to
Sears. I go anywhere but Sears now.

Don't form a negative bias on JET because of this guy. They make better
tools that Sears. I suspect Sears sells other brands now because the
Craftsman brand is slumping.

Ever since Kmart took them over they have been continuosly gong down the
Kmart filed chapter 11 and screwed their stock holders (ala Enron), then
reissued their stock and bought Sears and are managing Sears the same way.
Its only a matter of time untill Sears goes under too.

BTW - I owned one of the old Craftsman table saws for 25 years. It worked
ok. My Grizzly 1023 makes that old saw a distant, unpleasant memory. My
25 year old Craftsman drill press is a good machine that continues to
provide faithful service. I do still use a 25 year old hand jigsaw that
is on its last leg - but it works. Most everything else in my shop is of
other brands now.


"Wayne" wrote in message
This is an amazing story. I own a Craftsman saw and was curious what
others thought of it. I pity this poor guy.