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Default The Importance of Power Tools?

Very good advice from Ecnerwal. Not only do hand tools take less space, you
will grow your skills more with them. This is particularly true with hand
planes which I am still learning to master - after 30 years.

However, don't underestimate the cost to good hand tools. New planes in
particular can cost $100 to $400, even more. But you can find great deals at
estate sales, in the classifieds (look for woodshops for sale) and even
garage sales.


It does not all need to be power tools. If you have limited shop space,
limited funds, and/or like to listen to music while working, and are not
cranking out 100 pieces in a production atmosphere, hand tools are often
at least as fast, and sometimes faster than a shed-full of power tools.
I make that comment as someone with a shed-full of power tools which I
bought before I knew any better. Enough hand-planes to make the surface
planer/joiner no longer be on your list are a very small investment of
money and space. Look for used ones of "user" (rather than collector)
grade, or buy new ones from Lee Valley, which seem to be the best bang
for the buck, new, IMHO.

Router table is an easy self-build, you have a router already.

Creative use of saw guides and circular saw make table saw a
low-priority purchase with what you have. Look for a good deal on a used
one locally if you desire it greatly, but you don't *need* one.

Missing power tools that expand your work capabilities, rather than
providing other ways to do things you can already do: Lathe, bandsaw.

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