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Default Looking for metalworkers who use recovered/recycled materials

"Randy Zimmerman" wrote in message news:3ly3c.757103$X%[email protected]
Maybe they are floating it on some rich Gagliano Grant leftover :'))
Obviously working forty hours a week just doesn't cut it nowadays.
Ya gotta shovel it higher and throw it farther than everyone else.

And this is located on which planet?
Gerry :-)}
London, Canada

Hello, and as originator I'm always surprised that it's worth peoples
time to ridicule an honest post. I assume in the reponses that I
wasn't clear as to what DejaDesign is all about. Recovered elements
pieces in this case means candlesticks made of tranmission gears,
tables made (in part) from motorcycle rotors, an 50's era air raid
siren end table, bicycle wheel stools and chairs--need more
examples?-- so do I which is why I put it out there.

As to being from another planet, the idea is to try to find more
creative uses for the "junk" that we so easily dispose of on our own.
In a lot of cases, re-created and reinvented it has a second chance.
Obviously that seems a naive concept to some.