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Default Run versus Start Capacitors - How to tell

On Apr 18, 11:20 am, Tony Hwang wrote:
stoneattic wrote:
I have a 9" Craftsman (Sears) drill press that just smoked the motor
capacitor. I call Sears about a replacement and they want to sell me
the whole motor (of course). I'm trying to replace just the
capacitor but I don't know if it's a run or start. Here's what
labeled on the cap:

16mF +/- 5%
Wenling Star &Fire Capacitors Factory

The model of the drill is 137.219090 if that helps

How can I determine if it's a run or start cap?


There is no run or start specific caps. It depends where in the circuit.
Just get a same spec. cap. If you can't match it little bigger value is
OK on capacitance and voltage.

Thanks guys!
I'm having a tough time locating a replacement locally. The only two
places that I'm aware in the area are Grainger and Johnstone Supply
and neither seem to have any 250VAC or 16mf. Are you aware of any
online sources? My Google searches have so far yielded no luck.