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Default Run versus Start Capacitors - How to tell

stoneattic wrote:
I have a 9" Craftsman (Sears) drill press that just smoked the motor
capacitor. I call Sears about a replacement and they want to sell me
the whole motor (of course). I'm trying to replace just the
capacitor but I don't know if it's a run or start. Here's what
labeled on the cap:

16mF +/- 5%
Wenling Star &Fire Capacitors Factory

The model of the drill is 137.219090 if that helps

How can I determine if it's a run or start cap?


If there's only one capacitor it will be a "run" one.

It would be highly unusual for a small drill press to have a motor with
a "start" capacitor, but there really isn't any difference between a
"run" and a "start" capacitor, the term comes from the application, not
the design.

You'll be able to purchase a 16 mfd 250VAC motor capacitor at lots of
places. Getting one the correct size and shape will be the more
challenging part.


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