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Randy Zimmerman
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Default Looking for metalworkers who use recovered/recycled materials

Maybe they are floating it on some rich Gagliano Grant leftover :'))
Obviously working forty hours a week just doesn't cut it nowadays.
Ya gotta shovel it higher and throw it farther than everyone else.

"Gerald Miller" wrote in message
On 9 Mar 2004 15:57:27 -0800, (peter) wrote:

Hello. We're opening a 2000SF gallery/showroom called DejaDesign that
features primarily utilitarian objects made all or in part from
recovered elements. Because space is limited we've held back on
outright art pieces incorporating recycled "raw" materials but will
consider them under certain circumstances. Our preference is that
within the piece/pieces that the recovered element is clearly

Being a start-up we are able to make some wholesale purchases but are
also open to consignment arrangements. Thanks for your time and


And this is located on which planet?
Gerry :-)}
London, Canada