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Default Jet 1442 Problem - FOLLOW UP

Joe wrote:
I'm going to put it back together and see if it runs without this piece
and, of course, I'll be following up with JET. Even if the warranty
period is out, this is a definate manufacturing defect.

"Mike Berger" wrote in message
Let's assume that it runs correctly when you reassemble it. What do
you want Jet to do?

If it runs correctly, nothing. Why would I want them to do anything?

I called them to learn more about this extraneous piece and how critical it
is. They were very helpful by the way and said to call them if the motor
doesn't run after I put it back together and they would try to help me out
even though the motor (and the entire lathe, for that matter) is out of

It was certainly worth the call.

Joe C.