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Default Jet 1442 Problem - FOLLOW UP


Thank you for your responses. I've learned a lot and taken a lot of advice.

I opened up part of the motor today. Here's what I found:

Inside is immaculate, which I would have expected for a TEFC (hence the TE)
I now have an understanding of how the centrifigal switch operates, it was
operating smoothly, no fusing, no dust, no problem.
you almost have to see this to believe it. I posted two pics in

A piece which should have been installed on the shaft was rumbling loose in
there. There's no way it ever made it on the shaft during manufacturing.

The only amazing part is that this thing ever ran while plugged into a gfi.
I guess eventually this piece contacted the housing and caused the short.

I'm going to put it back together and see if it runs without this piece and,
of course, I'll be following up with JET. Even if the warranty period is
out, this is a definate manufacturing defect.

I'll keep everyone posted with what Jet does.

Thanks again,

Joe C.